Real-Time Bus information, Streamline your Student Administration, and Trace Student Travel

Parents can rest assured that the school bus has picked up their child through a Web Portal. Collect useful information on Bus arrival and departure, routes taken, stops made - operate your own Zone-based fare system.

Arrivals and Departures for School Buses

Your school can now operate a public website for parents to provide up to date information on school bus pickup - now parents can really have peace of mind that the bus stop has been serviced and exactly the time it was completed.

Web Based Bus Route Reporting System

Tracking Solutions has developed an easy to use reporting system to provide you with very simple colour coded dashboard to tell you :

  • Was the route commenced on time?
  • Was every stop completed?
  • What is the progress of the route?
  • Was the route completed on time?

Should route problems be identified, detailed journey information can be provided for your further analysis. 

Export report information to Excel or integrate with back-end applications - we can help with all of your software and data integration needs.

Where is the Student?

Quickly and easily query the web application to view the latest information on student pickups, real-time bus location, and route progress.  Query the system to locate up to date student passenger information.