The Tracking Solutions Difference

Our products are designed to suit different business requirements and budgets. No long term contracts. We stand behind our products.

We can help you improve your fleet operations and productivity

Know exactly where your vehicles are in real time. Run reports in real time to highlight travel time, idle time, arrival times, departure times, distance travelled, stops made, etc.

We can help you improve productivity and reduce costs by providing detailed trip reports and driver time sheets. You can use these reports to manage driver hours and vehicle productivity.

Exception reports can also be created to monitor driver fatigue and vehicle wear and tear.

GPS Tracking Solutions

We have systems to suit differing business requirements, Tracking Solutions provides several GPS vehicle tracking solutions.

We have a team of experienced software developers and industry experts ready to provide you with a customised solution.

Alternatively we can offer a basic, low cost and easy to use systems with functionality such as real and historic location and journey reports, as well as standard functions such as alerts and geofences.

Map view screen with Google Maps support with full street addressing, map journey replay, and comprehensive reports.

The Tracking Solutions Difference

  • We are Adaptable:  Different tracking solutions to suit different business requirements and budgets,  with migration capability between each platform.
  • No long term contracts.  You are able to cancel services without payment of early termination fees.
  • Hardware Options:  In-vehicle hardware options to suite different business needs e.g. Telstra Next G coverage, satellite communications for remote location situations.
  • Occupational Health and Safety solutions such as duress alerting and vehicle roll over detection.
  • Monitoring solutions such as temperature reporting for refrigerated vans and Power Take Off (PTO) reporting.

Customised Solutions

Tracking Solutions can combine GPS tracking data with other data sources to provide you with easy to understand views of your business that require your attention.  For example, should unauthorised/cash jobs be suspected,  Tracking Solutions can compare your job booking system with vehicle journey data, to summarise for you extended stops at unknown locations.  This type of solution filters out information you already know about and highlights situations that require your focus.