GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions for Waste Management and Recycling - Reduce Fuel Costs and Improve Customer Service

Our GPS Fleet Tracking Solution for the waste management industry enables you to address routes of all types including commercial, residential and recycling. Waste management is an essential business service whether it is collection, transport, processing, disposal, recycling and monitoring of waste materials. Operational efficiency gives you a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive environment.

A GPS fleet tracking solution helps schedule routes, dispatch drivers and track activity. Optimising a route for commercial or residential collection or quickly redirecting a driver can be accomplished with a fully integrated dispatch and routing solution.

Tracking Solutions GPS Fleet Tracking enables you to accurately track the transport of the hazardous waste from plants to disposal sites, ensuring that the materials are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. This helps ensure that the waste materials are disposed of properly and are more environmentally sound. Power Take-Off and other sensor activities make it easy to track equipment usage. Powered with detailed information about your drivers and vehicles you can validate work tickets and improve productivity.

Fleet asset and vehicle lifecycles are effectively managed and extended using the Tracking Solutions GPS Fleet Tracking Solution, helping you stay aware of hours of service and provide routine maintenance reminders. No matter what types of vehicles are in your fleets from front-end loaders to rear loaders and everything in between, GPS Fleet Tracking keeps your equipment and vehicles ready to go.

Waste management customers expect that your services will be there when needed. Meet their expectations and improve your customer satisfaction by implementing the most advanced fleet tracking solution available for waste management fleets.

Learn how the Tracking Solutions GPS Fleet Tracking Solution can benefit you.