Real-time Tracking for Security Services - Improve Job Validation for Better Customer Service

Tracking Solutions Real-time Vehicle Tracking Systems deliver detailed, real-time visibility and reporting for the security services industry; giving you end-to-end visibility to help you accomplish your business goals.

Monitor Important Vehicle Security Functions

A real-time vehicle tracking system provides benefits to security service companies through special features that monitor important vehicle security functions such as air bag deployment, door locks and ignition controls.

Many security service fleets have also utilised geofencing to establish specified geographic boundary limitations for their vehicles. Alerts are sent immediately to predetermined management if any of the boundaries are crossed.

Active Vehicle Tracking

An active vehicle tracking (AVT) solution acquires real-time vehicle tracking system information and reports the position of the vehicle wirelessly to a fleet management application. By using the Tracking Solutions Real-time Vehicle Tracking System, security service fleets can keep up with their fleet of vehicles instantly.

Vehicle and Equipment Recovery

The versatility of the tracking systems that Tracking Solutions offers allow security service firms to use GPS tracking to locate abandoned, lost or stolen equipment, monitor equipment hours of use, verify equipment utilisation, decrease equipment downtime and even increase revenues.

Manage Security Personnel and Mobile Security Professionals

Real-time Vehicle Tracking will greatly improve any security services organisation's ability to effectively manage security personnel, monitor vehicles and reduce operational costs. Most companies report that a tracking system pays for itself in 90 days or less with dramatic long-term R.O.I.

Learn how our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System can help you manage your fleet more effectively and more profitably.