Fleet GPS Tracking Telecom and Data Cabling - Improve Customer Service with a Real-time Fleet Tracking Solution

Tracking Solutions Fleet GPS Tracking is the preferred real-time fleet tracking solution for a wide variety of service and distribution businesses, including many companies in the cable and telecom industry.

When you are in the cable and telecom business, quick response time to service calls can be the key differentiator between your business and your competitors. With an increasing number of players in the field, real-time fleet GPS tracking is a crucial element of an effective fleet tracking solution, and is essential for providing superior customer service.

The Tracking Solutions Fleet GPS Tracking System is an end-to-end solution that can help you provide better customer service, enhance your reputation and significantly reduce the number of customer service calls you receive. It's the one fleet tracking solution that you can count on to deliver immediate results with our easy-to-use, 100% web-based platform and data management system.

With improved customer service comes increased productivity. Our fleet GPS tracking system makes it easier than ever to account for your vehicles and cable technicians' performance and behaviour. Cable companies using our Fleet Tracking Solution have reported dramatic increases in completed work-orders. This increased productivity improves the top line as well as adding profits to the bottom line of your business.

As you maximise your cable technicians' performance, you are also decreasing operational costs. Our fleet tracking solution is the highest value system for fleet managers that need to reduce their fuel costs and consumption. With your online fleet GPS tracking system installed, you'll know when your vehicles start, how fast they are travelling, how long they idle, how to best route them to jobs and when they call it a day, saving fuel costs each day.

Getting your cable service fleet started is easy. Improve your customer service and productivity while decreasing fuel costs. 

The Tracking Solutions Fleet GPS Tracking System is a proven and reliable fleet tracking solution that can help you differentiate your company from your competitors.

Learn why our Fleet GPS Tracking System can provide a fleet tracking solution that's right for you.