How does GPS Fleet Tracking work?

With our advanced, reliable, compact and yet low cost Tracking Unit, your vehicles will have their own 'black box' recorder.  Data is sent over the mobile phone network so you get useful information in Real Time.

A hardware unit is installed into an item of plant or a motor vehicle and wired to the ignition and power system to provide accurate start stop reporting and “always on” operation.  

The hardware unit contains a mobile network SIM card.  Global tracking satellites track the hardware unit, sending a data stream back to our data centre where your fleet information is stored.  

From an internet connection (PC or smart phone) you log into the system and view your fleet.  

Tracking Solutions provides a hosted solution, so that you don’t need any hardware or software on site.  

All software updates, patches, computer hardware, power and backup systems are provided by Tracking Solutions to provide you with a cost effective business tool.

Real-Time Tracking

When in a Telstra Next G coverage area, real-time location status data and map updates are shown on the Tracking Solutions web application:

  • Every time your vehicle Ignition is switched on, or off;
  • Every time your vehicle starts moving or stops moving;
  • Data is recorded every 60 seconds when your vehicle is actually moving;
  • Every time your vehicle turns a corner
  • Every time your vehicle over-speeds [User Configurable];
  • Every time your vehicle arrives or departs a user specified location [User Configurable] 
  • Every time a Duress Button or Pendant in your vehicle is activated [Optional];