Pre-Start Checks and Operational Safety

Ensure your machines are checked before they are used.  With our system you can clearly demonstrate machinery is managed to a quality standard on a regular basis by your staff. Prevent issues before they arise.

Add a Reversing camera, Duress Pendant or Man-Down system as well for added safety.

Prestart Check List

Prior to operating the machine, the driver completes an visual assessment, check levels, wear, indicator lights, or signs of damage.  

The Prestart checklist ensures the driver assessments are recorded and saved - this acts not only as a verification that checks are done, but also an accountability measure for Drivers to take responsibility for their machine.

The Driver completes a series of Yes/No questions - the question text and the number of questions can be customised to your organisation and for your different vehicle types.

Panic Buttons

A vehicle based push button provides an easy to use, low cost duress alert system when linked to our system.  We can facilitate setup of alerts on screen, or messages to unlimited email or SMS text message addresses.

Duress Pendants

 A wireless Duress pendant can be worn by the Driver (various options for wearing around the neck, wrist, or belt clip) with a long wireless range - up to 700 metres away from the vehicle where the receiver is installed.

Man Down Pendants

Duress pendants rely on the operator to press alert button(s), however a Man-down system can trigger automatic alerts if the operator remains flat on the ground for a length of time, or other impact detected such as a fall or accident. 

Safety interlocks

Installation of tracking equipment can be done so that the vehicle/machine cannot be started until all prestart steps are correctly completed.

e.g. Prestart steps might be:  operator ID completed, operator authorisation confirmed, prestart check list completed via on-board data terminal, operator seated before seatbelt buckled.