Detect impact / rollover incidents as they occur. 
- Receive engine error notification in real time.

Tracking Solutions tracking units have built-in Impact detectors - detect accidents as they occur, identify harsh driving events. Connection to the vehicle computer provides Engine error notification.

Engine errors / alerts

Most engine computers can report a wide variety of engine errors, from issues with vehicle sensors, circuits, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system, etc.  This can be vital information that can advise you of the nature of a problem before it becomes larger and more expensive to service.  

Being aware of engine errors as they arise through alert messages means you can prevent further engine damage, stop a potentially dangerous situation for the operator, and get the issue resolved quickly.

Impact Detection

Tracking Solutions hardware has built-in Impact detection (forces up to 9G), meaning you can be alerted as soon as an accident occurs, or even be aware if the vehicle/machine is being handled roughly. 

Harsh Driving

As well as large G-forces like Impact, the Tracking Solutions hardware can also detect smaller and directional forces that indicate drivers are driving the vehicle/machine harshly.  You can receive alerts for Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Cornering Left and Harsh Cornering Right.


Depending on the vehicle/machine, the current speed value can be extracted from the vehicle computer using Tracking Solutions hardware, and as a backup to this the Tracking Solutions hardware has GPS calculated speed values.  Provided we can extract good speed information, we can also raise Overspeed alerts, which also help you identify unsafe work practices, and violations.