Engine Utilisation, Idling, and Fuel Usage

- Real-Time Measurement and Reporting

By implementing a customised Wireless Relay communications system, the underground mining company will streamline their maintenance operations by collecting machine operation data on-line, setup better maintenance schedules, saving valuable staff resources.

A mining contracting company operated a number of machines across a number of mine sites.  In order to meet contracted KPI’s the company needed to carry out regular maintenance of their machinery while at the same time minimising machine down time at each mine site.  Field staff were required to log machine operating hours and advise head office when maintenance was required.

The mining contracting company wished to streamline their maintenance operations by collecting machine operation data on-line to better co-ordinate maintenance schedules and to save staff resources.

White machine operation hours could be collected , the machines operated underground making the transmission of data to a data centre difficult.

Tracking Solutions recommended the installation of suitable data collection units on each machine.  Each shift, machine data was collected using WiFi technology.  The collected data was then brought to the surface and transmitted to the Tracking Solutions data centre for presentation to the contracting company in agreed report formats.

Data gathering hardware was installed on each machine to collect machine operation and productivity information.  Each day the data collected is drawn from each machine and taken to the surface for transmission to Tracking Solutions’ data centre where it is processed into reports.

Solution Benefits

  1. Machine operation data and reports are made available at the end of each shift

  2. Machine data collection and reporting is now completed by one person instead of multiple staff resources being required

  3. Machine maintenance schedules can be preplanned and co-ordinated with mine operators

  4. The solution is OEM independent and can operate on any machine from any manufacturer

  5. Reporting is customised to meet client needs and can be added to or changed at any time to meet changing needs.