Customised Solutions for Light Materials Handling - Measure performance against your KPI's.

Light vehicles are often the engine room of your operation – Tracking Solutions has developed customised solutions for operators of light vehicles and forklifts in the Materials Handling industry.  Ensuring safety and measuring productivity are essential in a busy yard where product is moved and stored.  Measure to meet your targets.



Light vehicles are often the engine room of your operation – forklifts to move pallets of stock, trucks of all shapes and sizes are used for towing, goods transfer, worker transit, security, maintenance, safety, and supervision. The Tracking Solutions LVMS system gives you the tools – so you can keep track of where equipment is being used, that it is being used safely, how much it is being used, and where possible how efficiently it is being used.

Current Snapshot of fleet:

Determine the current status of your fleet instantly, which vehicles are operating, the current driver, whether the vehicle has passed basic safety inspection, and when the next maintenance or service is due.

You can also drill down further to get more information by clicking on the down arrow.

Daily or Weekly Summary:

The activity in your whole fleet can be monitored with LVMS, engine hours can be analysed by vehicle or by fleet.

This helps you detect changes in operations, potential bottleneck issues, and productivity in general.


Driver of Vehicle ‘Paul’ identifies some issues with his operating vehicle.

With the LVMS system, the Driver concerns over safety and/or maintenance can be reported, and then addressed immediately.

Firstly, the system shows the current vehicle status, with optional location map – this is prior to the Driver starting the vehicle and going through the Pre-start checking procedure.

Then, once the vehicle ‘Paul’ is started, the Driver registers himself by swiping his identity card.  The status will update to indicate the current operator, vehicle engine running, and in this case indicate that the Driver has found some maintenance issues with the vehicle.

Next, the Driver indicates if there are any maintenance issues by answering a series of Yes/No questions on an in-vehicle mounted screen.

In this case the Driver has indicated some maintenance issues are pressing with Oil Leakage, Uneven Tyre Wear, Coolant Leakage, as well as engine issues with noise and controller operation.

These are the sorts of issues that can be identified earlier using a Pre-Start Checklist procedure – even better if you can automate it and communicate the information within your organisation faster and with all of the detailed information required.

Detailed Reporting is also available, with the ability to export data to be used with your internal systems to assist with billing, job management, and payroll.

Safety is also an important advantage for using a system like LVMS – identify that your operators remain seated, fasten their seat belts, as well as adhere to speed limits. We also have a Reversing Camera option with the in-vehicle display screen, particularly useful for vehicles operating in facilities that are busy, crowded, and contain many obstacles.

Alerts can be generated, so that your staff can be aware of any breaches to safety standards. Impact Detection is also available, so that your staff can be made aware of an accident immediately, saving valuable response time, and assisting the investigation into the occurrence by identifying prior speed, operator, and impact date/time.