Customised Solutions for Heavy Materials Handling - Measure performance against your KPI's.

Tracking Solutions has developed customised solutions for several Materials Handling machinery equipment suppliers - these companies typically supply to Australian port facilities or provide equipment rental services.

Key Performance Indicators

Customers needed to measure achievement of contractual KPI’s including machine productivity, operational hours per month, machine availability per month and other metrics.

Data Collection

Initially, Tracking Solutions collected sample data sets from the machine engine management system and analysed the data to ensure it could be collected, transmitted, interpreted and formatted into reports.Tracking Solutions recommended the installation of a GPS capable data collection unit to collect data from the machine engine management system and transmit this data to Tracking Solutions’ data centre for analysis and report production.

Data Analysis and Systems Design

Tracking Solutions developed a reporting platform which provided:

  1. Machine location; Machine productivity e.g. number of operations per shift, fuel burn rate per operation etc
  2. Machine usage e.g. Operating hours, operating hours per shift etc.
  3. Operator productivity e.g. number of operations per shift
  4. Machine protection e.g. impact incident reports, driver operation – gear transmission usage, engine revs etc.


Dashboard Presentation - simple, and easy to interpret

Report formats provided were dashboard format for easy interpretation of key performance statistics, graphical reports for analysis of metrics over time.

This meant that:

  1. Meeting of contractual KPI’s can be measured and managed
  2. Machine and operator productivity can be monitored, measured and managed
  3. Reporting of operational hours enables regular maintenance windows to be predicted, scheduled with clients thereby minimising machine downtime
  4. Accurate prediction of regular maintenance reduces spare parts holdings and allows better utilisation of field maintenance technicians.