Remotely Monitor your engine hours and equipment location on site

No more physical reading of engine hour meters. Get the information you need to know to run your business - simple and easy to understand

Previously, the only way to know the operational status of dispersed assets was to physically read engine hour meters. Tracking Solutions has developed Hire Intelligence to assist businesses which operate asset fleets from different manufacturers situated in diverse geographic locations, to know the operational status and usage of those assets both in real time and historically.

Many information systems provide too much information and are difficult to use.  Tracking Solutions Hire Intelligence cuts to the chase, gives you the information you need to know to run your business and is simple to understand.

Hire Intelligence can be used on almost any asset type e.g. materials handling machines, crushing and screening equipment, diesel generators, dewatering pumps, earthmoving machinery .....

How  we help your business

  1. Measure engine hours by day, week, month (time and dated stamped operating hours enables asset utilisation to be calculated);

  2. Measure excessive use  and charge correctly;

  3. Identify utilisation by customer/model;

  4. Schedule maintenance; 

  5. Check location of assets.