About Tracking Solutions

Tracking Solutions has been operating for over 12 years and has provided solutions to customers across Australia and the South Pacific.  Tracking Solutions part of the Hindmarsh Group, an Australian company which is currently delivering construction projects to the value of $1 billion across Australia.

In the Australian marketplace, Tracking Solutions takes a unique approach to Telematic solutions, by ensuring both your strategic and local operational requirements are achieved, by enabling you to make informed decisions based upon real information obtained from your own business.


What is Telematics?

Telematics is the integrated use of both telecommunications technology and information generated by movable machinery, road going vehicles, fixed plant and other asset types. Machine generated information is commonly called Informatics

The name Telematics reflects the integration of these two technology types. Telematics includes but is not limited to GPS vehicle tracking.  Telematics enables you to observe the remote operation of almost any plant, equipment or motor vehicle operating within your business, enabling you to make decisions based on real, unedited information from within your business and to allow you to measure the effectiveness of those decisions. Implementing a telematic solution within your business enables you to answer questions like:

  • What is the productivity of my Plant and Equipment fleet?

  • What is the utilisation of each machine in my fleet?

  • What are each machine’s operating hours and did they occur?

  • When are maintenance services due?

  • For hire contracts, should excess operational hours be charged?

  • Are my operators working safely, and are they accountable?

  • Where is my Plant and Equipment located?


What Tracking Solutions Does

After discussions with customers, Tracking Solutions understood that many Telematic systems can be difficult to use, provide a lot of data but not much information, thus not adding value to business decision making.  Additionally, many customers have tried to use motor vehicle GPS tracking systems to monitor other machinery types,  and found this to be an unsuitable solution.

Tracking Solutions has designed easy to use solutions which give you meaningful business information not cluttered by over-cooked useless data.


The Tracking Solutions Difference

Tracking Solutions provides solutions designed to fit your needs, our approach is not  “one size fits all”, we have a range of solutions and services designed to meet the needs of Australian businesses e.g.

  • Tracking Solutions Fleet Intelligence – customised solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Tracking Solutions Hire Intelligence - designed to assist you to manage Plant and Equipment.

  • Tracking Solutions GPS vehicle tracking

    • Business Level – economical vehicle tracking solution.

    • Corporate Level – for more complex vehicle tracking requirements.


Summarising What We Deliver To You

Tracking Solutions Telematics can be placed on almost any machine from any manufacturer.Manufacturer agnostic hardware and software frees you from dependencies on proprietary hardware and software.You are able to acquire Plant, Equipment and motor vehicles that’s right for your business and manage them, irrespective of manufacturer, age of equipment or geographic location.Simple, easy to understand reporting.


Tracking Solutions Timeline

  • 2001 Mi-Trek GPS vehicle tracking developed and commercialised by Mercadier Ptd Limited.

  • 2002 Acquired by Hindmarsh

  • 2010 Name change to Tracking Solutions Pty Ltd.

  • 2011 Fleet Intelligence developed and launched,  enabling customised wireless monitoring and reporting of plant and equipment.

  • 2012  Low Cost business GPS vehicle tracking option launched.

  • 2012 In-vehicle hardware capability increased, providing GPRS, Telstra NextG and Iridium satellite coverage options.

  • 2013 Hire Intelligence developed and launched, enabling wireless reporting of plant and equipment operating hours and emergency alerts.

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